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Our Vision

Child Care Assistance

Finding Financial Help 

Help is available to eligible families through City, County, and State Agencies, that administer Federal Child Care and Development Grants.

Many communities have child care resources and referral agencies.

A list is available from:

(Child Care Assistance in USA)

Water from Air?

Water Parks in El Paso

YES! Science has overcome potable water availability in El Paso. Together through public and private partnership to provide such an advanced
water park
for our children.

MIT & UC Berkley Scientists discover new technology pulling drinkable water from dry air.

The device, built at MIT is completely passive all you need is sunlight, no outside energy source and no moving parts.

(MIT Article and Video)

Positive Learning Environment

Right Start Child Care Act

Quality early childhood settings, ensures the learning environment supporting children's positive mental health  and wellbeing, both fundamental for their learning and development.

Inspiring a strong sense of both, creates child confidence and optimism, maximizing their learning potential.

(Right Start & Education Act 2017)

Mission Statement

Bringing Focus & Purpose

Our Mission is to bring real and lasting change to all children in economic hardship.

In partnership with private, local business, and corporate contributions, while working together with City, County, and Government Agencies.

We will help in reducing the daily struggles, and provide children the opportunity to grow up healthy, educated, and better prepared to succeed and contribute to society.

Who We Can Help

Grandma's Child Care

Grandparents now provide child care to 30% of the preschoolers 
where mothers work outside the home. - US Census Bureau.

But, is it right for you?

Understandably some grandparents just don't feel physically or emotionally up to
caring for a grandchild, or three, and be expected to do it full time .

 Federal funding for the Child Care and Development Block Grant has been on the increase, to make child care assistance more accessible to eligible low-and moderate income families who need it.

Under Federal law, States may provide child care assistance to families with incomes below 85% of the state median income ( $40,715-  76,711 a year for a family of three in 2016, depending on the State )    NWLC                                                                                                                                         

Single Parents

If you are a single mom or parent and have gone from a two family
income down to one and struggling with today's child care costs ....

the single life can be tough

We have additional information on City, County, State Agencies and
Federal Grants in the Q & A below .......

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